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Wadi al-Joz

Wadi al-Joz (Walnut Valley) is a steep one-kilometer-long valley. It is sometimes referred to as al-Wadi al-Sharqi (Eastern Valley), as it originates in eastern Jerusalem and continues south, ending at Wadi Qadrun, which leads to the Dead Sea. Wadi al-Joz is situated between the occupied city of Jerusalem and Jabal al-Masharef (Mount Scopus).

Palestinian researcher Bashir Barakat indicates that the valley has been known as Wadi al- Joz since the beginning of Ottoman rule, with evidence that it had been planted with walnut trees during that period. However, Wadi al-Joz witnessed a decline in the number of walnut trees as of the second half of the 17th century and a rise in the number of vineyards, as well as fig, olive, apricot, and almond trees.





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