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al-Khan al-Ahmar School
Eid (Abu Khamees), Community Leader
al-Khan al-Ahmar School, Khan al-Ahmar

al-Khan al-Ahmar is a Jahalin Bedouin community located in Area C between the Israeli colonies of Ma’ale Adumim and Kfar Adumim. Following their displacement, the Jahalin community children were not provided with any local educational institutions. Prior to the establishment of the Khan al-Ahmar Primary School in 2009 by several local and international organisations and activists, children had to travel by foot for twenty minutes along a major highway (Route 1) to al-‘Eizariyah or Jericho. During the journey, children were involved in several car accidents and many were severely injured. Today, over 85 children benefit from the school. Additionally, the wider community uses the school for meetings and activities of children.

Ensuring primary education, preserving Bedouin traditions and sense of community.

A public school for children to thrive and learn. The school also functions as a place of learning for the wider community.

To provide opportunities for children to become educated through the Palestinian Authority (PA) curriculum and official Ministry of Education teachers.

  1. Providing classrooms for elementary school students.
  2. Ensuring that the school has a teaching staff from the PA Ministry of Education.
Volunteer Opportunities:

The school is looking for volunteers with previous experience working in child education.

Language Skills: Arabic.

Wish List:
  1. Supplying all school facilities with electricity.
  2. Building more classrooms, catering to higher levels of education (beyond elementary level).
  3. School supplies for children (pencils, notebooks, etc.).
What We Have to Offer:
  1. Education and programmes for children in the community.
  2. A facility to provide new opportunities for children in the community.
Programmes and Projects

Vento de Terra organisation holds afternoon activities in the school for children.