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al-Jahalin Youth Initiative
Tareq and Suleiman Kershan
Anata, Jerusalem Bedouin Area Society

Bedouin communities have been living in Jerusalem since the late 1960’s after their forced deportation from Bir al-Sabe.’ Since then, they have been suffering from the disturbances, oppressions, and restrictions of the occupation upon their daily lives. The occupation authorities followed several practices in order to restrict the movement of the Bedouin communities. They included not giving them licenses for building schools, not allowing them to open roads, destroying their houses and not allowing the shepherds to herd their flocks of sheep to fertile grazing places.

Under these conditions a group of youth established an entity to serve their Bedouin community and try to know the understand and respond to the needs of youth, as they are the most marginalised groups, suffering from the Israeli occupation. 

Affirmation of the Bedouin’s lifestyle, education, volunteerism, belonging.

The Bedouin youth are independent and able to express themselves and meet their needs.

The initiative seeks to create a different situation for the Bedouin youth, empower them to serve their community and instill within them voluntary spirit. To preserve the Bedouin culture which is eroding due to the practices of the occupation. The initiative also seeks to be a representative of all the families and transcend any old conflicts and disputes.

  1. To enable the Bedouin Youth to express themselves and understand their experiences.
  2. To enable the Bedouin Youth to present their ideas and transform them into reality.
  3. To attract youth to voluntary work inside their communities.
  4. To serve the youth in the communities and meet their basic needs.
Volunteer Opportunities:

The Centre can employ male and female volunteers who speak excellent Arabic and who have abilities to assist in planning and managing projects and activities.

Wish List:


What We Have to Offer:

 Educational workshops and trainings. 

Programmes and Projects
  1. Non-curricular lessons for school students especially lessons for improving reading and writing;
  2. Development of a project for discussing the conditions of Bedouins on Mada Radio in Jericho.