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al-'Eizariyah Local Council
Shadia Adwan, Director office of the president of local Council.

al-‘Eizariyah Local Council was established in 1961. It provided services to the village under this name untill the Palestinian National Authority was established when it was renamed,"Al-‘Eizariyah Local Council.” During that period, the population of al-‘Eizariyah largely increased, the urban and commercial indicators rose, and housing projects and commercial shops increased significantly. More industrial companies were also established such as Al-Hayat Foodstuff Factory and Al-Quds Construction and Investment Company. As a result, the responsibilities of the Council, such as developing infrastructure, improvingtourism, and increasing the provision of services, increased.

The current Council consist of 13 members. There are 74 employees specialized in providing public services such as water electricity, cleaning services, protection of public property, organisation, issuing building licenses, etc.

Professionalism, transparency and development.

Al-‘Eizariyah has an excellent infrastructure. The citizens receive high quality services, and it is prosperous in tourism and industry.

al-‘Eizariyah Local Council develops the infrastructure of the town. It also enhances the welfare of the citizens by providing more services in order to increase the opportunities of social and economic growth through attracting economic, tourist and social projects.

  1. To complete building and development of the infrastructure.
  2. To develop and enhance the capacities and skills of youth.
  3. To develop the tourism and economic sectors.
  4. To provide best services for the citizens.
  5. To improve the educational and cultural sectors.
  6. To protect and repair archaeological and historical sites.
Volunteer Opportunities:

The council needs volunteers specialized in the following fields:

  1. Public relations and social communication
  2. Project management
  3. Data collection and GIS
Wish List:
  1. Trainers or workshops for building the capacities of the youth to prepare them for participation and involvement in the Youth Council.
  2. Furnishing the Youth Council.
What We Have to Offer:
  1. General and specialized information about the town.
  2. Geographical and demographic maps of the town.
  3. Networking with youth groups.
  4. A Meeting hall.
Programmes and Projects
  1. Constructing the Vocational Training Centre. This project, funded by the Islamic Development Bank, is under construction and aims of train skillful craftsmen and industrialists, .
  2. Building additional classrooms.
  3. Constructing the first public park in cooperation with the village fund.
  4. Constructing a public services centre to provide general information about the village.
  5. Completing the construction of Khalifa Mosque which has been halted several time due to financial difficulties.
  6. Developing the financial and administrative information network of the Council.
  7. Establishing a youth council to support Al-‘Eizariyah Local Council.
  8. Constructing a rain-water drainage network.
  9. Completing construction of the building for the al-‘Eizariyah Local Council.