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Umm Tuba Club
وليد أبو طير

Umm Tuba club was founded in 1965 and registered in the Jordanian Ministry of Social Affairs. The club was forced to close down following Israel's occupation of the rest of Palestine in 1967 before resuming its activities in 1978. Registered in the PA Ministry of Youth and Sports since 1997, the club's general assembly includes 150 members, and they elect the board every two years.

Partnership, Equality, Volunteerism and Accountability

Umm Tuba's youth are aware, educated and ambitious and are armed with the will to build a better future for current and future generations.

The club will launch and carry out several programmes and campaigns that strengthen the awareness of Umm Tuba's youth, build their capacities, and motivate them to work and succeed.

  1. Meeting the youth's social, sporting and cultural needs.
  2. Improving the youth's role in serving the local community.
Volunteer Opportunities:

The club welcomes volunteers especially those with experience in sports and with fluent Arabic.

Wish List:
  1. A multi-use stadium
  2. Equipment for the sporting teams
  3. Books to establish a library for the club
What We Have to Offer:
  1. Various sporting activities
  2. Public events
  3. Providing services for Umm Tuba residents
  4. Cultural workshops
Programmes and Projects
  1. Sporting activities that include: football, volleyball, bodybuilding, and martial arts.
  2. Social and cultural activities.
  3. A football stadium that covered an area of 10 dunums was built by the club in 1975. It was, however, confiscated by Israeli occupation forces in 1993 to build a Jewish colony in Abu Ghuneim.
  4. Four football teams for different age groups were founded by the club.
  5. Two roads were opened by the club in the village.
  6. Buying land for the cemetery and building a fence around it.