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Abu Tur-Silwan Women’s Organisation
Abeer Zayyad
PO. Box 75133, Jerusalem 971500

A-Thuri is a neighbourhood in Silwan with 20,000 residents. Due to a lack of services provided to the community, women are marginalised and neglected. Prior to the establishment of Abu Tur-Silwan Women’s Organisation, no organisation represented women in the community. It was created to help empower women to achieve their rights. The Centre works to build capacity of women by providing support on child rearing and assists women in maintaining their homes in a more empowered and efficient manner. Abu Tur-Silwan Women’s organisation was established in 2007 by a group of nine women, and the first general assembly of the organisation had 100 participants.

Women’s rights and education.                                                                                       

A community with active and empowered women who play an essential role in their community.

The Centre provides services for the women of a-Thuri and also serves women and youth in all of Silwan. It seeks to enhance the role of women in the community and to increase awareness in the community about the importantance of female participation in the society.

  1. Advancing the role of women
  2. Advocating for the rights of women
  3. Empowering women
Volunteer Opportunities:

The Centre is looking for volunteers with experience facilitating courses, managing programs, and writing proposals.

Language Skills: Arabic and English

Wish List:
  1. Sustainable core funding
  2. Additional space to hold activities
  3. New branches in other neighbourhoods of Silwan
  4. Building a library
What We Have to Offer:

The Centre offers support to women and youth in Silwan and provides courses in English and Hebrew, drama, youth leadership, women’s rights, and first aid. It also provides psychosocial activities for youth, forums for elderly women, in-home crisis management, and child rearing support.

Programmes and Projects
  1. English and Hebrew courses for women 14 yrs old and above
  2. Drama courses for women 14 yrs old and above
  3. Palestinian folk dance
  4. Youth leadership courses
  5. First aid courses
  6. Courses for males (14-18 yrs old) in English and Hebrew, drama, youth leadership, and first aid
  7. Providing daily school homework assistance for children 6-12 yrs old
  8. Psychosocial activities for children between 6-12 yrs old
  9. Forum for elderly women
  10. In-home crisis management
  11. Providing advice on child rearing techniques
  12. Women’s rights (religious and/or legal) awareness courses