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al-Jib Local Council
Ghassan Alan

The rural council of al-Jib was founded in 1995 by the Palestinian Authority's Ministry of the Interior in order to provide villagers with basic services such as water, electricity, and garbage-collecting in addition to planning, construction and protecting public property.

Transparency, professionalism and objectivity

al-Jib residents enjoy excellent services and live in a thriving village.

The rural council of al-Jib will improve the quality of services provided to the villagers, propose new services and develop the village as a whole.

  1. Prevent water cuts.
  2. Improve transportation and infrastructure in the village.
  3. Found a health centre to improve health services in the village.
  4. Increase individual income in the village by starting new productive projects.
  5. Encourage women to participate in the production process in the village by starting small projects for women.
Volunteer Opportunities:

The Local Council seeks volunteers who have experience in population census, surveying needs and collecting debts. Fluent Arabic required.

Wish List:
  1. Computer
  2. Legal advisor
What We Have to Offer:
  1. Meeting hall
  2. Information on the village and residents.
  3. Social services for residents.
Programmes and Projects
  1. Completion of the sewage network in the village.

  2. Restoring water network.

  3. Paving internal roads.

  4. Restoring the water reservoir.

  5. Establishing a fully equipped medical centre.

  6. Starting productive projects particularly projects to train women.

  7. Agriculture and land reclamation project.