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Burj al-Luqluq Social Center Society
Muntaser Edkeidek, Director
Burj al-Luqluq Community Centre, Bab Hutta, Old City, Jerusalem

The Burj al-Luqluq Social Centre Society was founded on December 10, 1991 as a powerful opposition to the official attacks of Jewish settlers and as a reaction to settler associations. Over the following years, a group of passionate people about Jerusalem and members of national Palestinian organisations came together to provide a Palestinian presence on the site as a means of protecting the land. Since that time the centre has strived to be active, to make good use of its location, and to extend its building to meet the needs of the district’s inhabitants. The centre is situated on a broad strip of land in the Old City where its total space extends to more than eight dunums, making it the largest centre in terms of land within the Old City and adjacent neighbourhoods. The Burj al-Luqluq Centre Association is also recognised for its community work.

Preservation of community heritage and the promotion of education

Young men, women, and children are recognised for their good behaviour and deep commitment; they believe in the intellectual and cultural heritage of their society and participate in its leadership and its revival. Women take positions of leadership in the community. and people with special needs are easily integrated into their community.

To be a positive influence in the social, economic, cultural and academic spheres of the local community.

  1. The prevention of negative behaviour among children.
  2. The creation of a generation of leaders from among the youth, and the strengthening of their intellectual and cultural heritage.
  3. Participation in the integration of those with special needs into the local community, including vocational training enabling them to live in dignity.
  4. Raise the status of women in the local community by equipping and empowering them to address numerous issues.
  5. Ensure the provision of high quality services to the local community.
Volunteer Opportunities:

The organisation is seeking volunteers with the following skills: 

  1. Communication skills
  2. The formulation of work strategies
  3. Time management
  4. Personnel management/human resources
  5. Report writing
  6. A passion for spontaneity and volunteering
  7. A spirit of teamwork
  8. The ability to develop and manage a psychological support program for young people

Language Skills: Arabic and English.

Wish List:
  1. The renovation of the kindergarten; Cost of the renovation: approximately $15,000.
  2. The cultivation of the south end of the grounds, turning it into a private garden for the elderly. Cost cost of the renovation: approximately $96,000.
  3. The renovation of the tent which provides them a facility for their celebrations and their relaxation. Cost of the renovation: approximately $37,000.
  4. A financial support plan for on-going employee expenses. The total annual cost of salaries for permanent staff is approximately $100,000.
What We Have to Offer:
  1. A kindergarten to build the character of the children. It enrolls up to 35 children aged between 3 and 5.
  2. Raising the status of women in the local community through training, empowerment, awareness, and health and social development at all levels including social, cultural, sporting, and entertainment. Programs include reproductive health, the legal program, and lectures designed to provide awareness of their religious and legal rights.
  3. Sports: The Association is working to provide children dedicated sport and entertainment courses after school. It supervises more than 150 children (aged between 7 and 15) enrolled in sports teams (basketball, football, and tennis) with the support of the Steps Foundation.
  4. First aid unit: This unit responds to the primary medical care needs of the sick inside the wall especially in light of the current political situation and the difficulty of accessing ambulances.
  5. Programs for people with special needs: Integrating people with special needs into the community and providing them with the opportunity to increases close contact in our community.
  6. ‘The Country’s Way of Life:' Aimed at young boys and girls aged between 14 and 25, it aims to create a leading generation which is aware of the country’s heritage and transmits that heritage to the next generation.  
Programmes and Projects
  1. Provides a kindergarten for 35 children aged between 3 and 5.
  2. Provides a special needs section, currently comprised of 40 individuals; Burj al-Luqluq is the only centre in Palestine which provides services for this marginalised group.
  3. Provides a sports club: The Burj al-Luqluq centre is one of the biggest clubs in Jerusalem. More than 170 children between the ages of 6 and 16 are members.
  4. Provides psychological, educational, and social support programs for children from 6 to 16 in which the child is monitored at all stages by social workers and a team of trained personnel.
  5. Provides a women’s program including educational awareness programs.
  6. The Burj al-Luqluq Centre is partnering with both the African Community Association and the Palestinian Vision Foundation, under the auspices of the Welfare Association, in a program to develop the potential of young people between 14 and 25, in which every possible activity is offered for the sake of their development.