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The Good Samaritan Centre - Jerusalem
Sameer Murad
17, al-Khanka Street, al-Nassara Lane, Hebron Gate, Old City, Jerusalem.

The Good Samaritan Centre was established in 2000 in order to support the elderly residents of the Old City, the most marginalized group in society, by providing health, social and legal services. In doing so, they seek to reaffirm the integral role of the elderly community rather than isolate them. The Centre provides services for more than 450 beneficiaries.

Respect, empowerment, integration.

A brighter future and an improved quality of life for the elderly.

Providing services that improve the conditions of the elderly through holding events and workshops.

  1. To provide a chain of support services in the Old City of Jerusalem.
  2. To continuously develop services through adding new services to meet basic needs. 
  3. To build confidence and encourage independence. 
  4. To create awareness about the needs of the elderly, impoverished and those with special needs.
  5. To train volunteers on building individual and institutional capacities.
Volunteer Opportunities:

The Centre needs a team of volunteers for the clinic including assistants, male and female nurses, individuals with a medical background as well as volunteers able to organize and manage events. Proficiency in Arabic and English is preferred.

Wish List:
  1. A Clinic: The Centre needs a nursing room for the nursery children to be established on the additional space in the Centre.
  2. The renovation and furnishing of two rooms temporary residences the elderly who cannot take care of themselves after being discharged from the hospital.
What We Have to Offer:

There is a large space for holding events and activities and a well equipped kitchen.

Programmes and Projects
  1. Communication with Society: Many social events are organized to strengthen society.
  2. Food Distribution: a kitchen is managed by local volunteers, and it serves up to 50 hot meals everyday.
  3. Health Clinic: The clinic is managed by the Nursing Centre of the Young Men Christian Association.  It provides physiotherapy, pediatric care, home visits (with an average of 18 visits per day), medical advice, and weekly health awareness at the Centre. 
  4. Centre of People with Special Needs: The Centre is the main point for distribution of wheelchairs and walking apparatuses, walking crutches, blood pressure apparatuses and diabetics monitoring apparatuses in Jerusalem and West Bank.
  5. Legal and Awareness Services: The Centre holds periodic legal awareness meetings and discussions to ensure that community members are empowered and have sufficient information to defend themselves.