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Old City Youth Association
Samir Amro – Manager of Association

The Old City Youth Association was established in 1990 as a cultural, social, artistic and sport association providing its services to a large sector of Jerusalem citizens and the citizens of the Old City in particular, especially the youth, women and children. The Association provides various cultural, educational, social and recreational services for this important fragment of Palestinian society as a continuous attempt by the Association to overcome various social diseases (ignorance, drugs, school drop-out). The Association seeks to develop the Palestinian society and its various fragments and help them build their institutions and overcome the social, educational and other difficulties.

Development, youth participation, belonging spirit and service


A Jerusalemite, mature, learned and educated society


To develop the Jerusalemite society by unveiling the hidden skills of residents, especially youth, through programmes and activitiesin order to protect and immunize the Jerusalemite society against the daily problems which they face, especially among the weak and marginalized groups.

  1. To raise the awareness of the Palestinian youth in the Jerusalem District, especially the Old City, to develop their cultural, sport, social, and professional capacities and skills, to highlight their role in building the institution of the civil society, and to encourage them to embrace that role.
  2. To develop the skills of Jerusalemite woman in the Old City and to achieve the principle of equitable opportunities in order to grant women the opportunity to develop their skills and capacities and solve the problems and difficulties they face.
  3. To create a spirit of creativity and generosity among the youth.
  4. To develop relationships with local, Arab, international NGOs, societies and youth centres with common objectives so as to explore the cultures, habits, conventions and problems of youth through youth exchange programmes for the development of youth in the Old City.
  5. To provide financial resources for the Association through developing small projects conforming to the policy and objectives of the Association.
  6. To provide guidance and awareness on democracy and human, legal and civil rights, especially for women and children and to raise awareness of social problems such as drugs, violence, leakage from schools, delinquency, etc.
Wish List:
  1. Support for the program managers of the Association and the provision of trainers specialized in youth, women and children fields
  2. Building the capacities of the employees and the administrative body so as to align with the requirements of society and the target groups
  3. Development of an accounting system for the Association
  4. Carrying out the maintenance and rehabilitation of the Association’s headquarters
  5.  Support to the women activities by provision of materials for the handcraft workshop, and sport appliances for the Fitness Centre.               
What We Have to Offer:
  1. Empowerment of youth through education, voluntary work and development of cultural and sport skills
  2. Organizing cultural days
  3. Enhancement of the Palestinian existence in the Old City and protection of the Jerusalemite community
  4. Provision of a suitable place for education and holding various events in the Old City
Programmes and Projects
  1. Youth Activities: The Association gives special concern with the youth sector and activities. These activities include sports teams, guidance and awareness programmes, artistic and cultural programmes, cultural exchange, youth communication, youth camps and voluntary work. 
  2. Children's Programmes: The Old City in general and al-Wad  in particular are distinguished by many children and an absence of the places allocated for them. Therefore, the Association offers programmes such as: sports, cultural and education programmes, summer camps and open days.
  3. Women's Programme: Due to the situation of women in the Old City: their suffering from the absence of the institutions which sponsor women, crowdedness of houses and spread of social problems, the morning period has been allocated for women's activities. They include the guidance and awareness programmes and voluntary work.
  4. Seasonal Programmes:  The Association carries our distinctive seasonal programmes including commemorating national and religious occasions and communication with the local community. The most important seasonal programmes are: Ramadan evenings, youth camps, trips, introductory tours, and open days.