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Jerusalem Youth Parliament
Mosab Abbas

Jothoor Health and Social Development Foundation developed a youth programme in Jerusalem in 2006. The actual implementation of the youth programme started in 2007 through Jerusalem Youth Parliament. The Parliament basically targets the young people aged 12-17 years as members to the Parliament and the youth aged 18-25 years as volunteers.

The general objective of the Parliament is to enhance the national identity and activate participation in society. The means of achieving this objective is the formation of student councils in schools through elections among students, building training programs and various meetings and activities. All the student councils meet together as a School Forum to exchange thoughts, unify student movements, and enhance the existence of student mobilization in the city.

The focus is not only limited to performance (elections) inside schools but also expanded to giving a space for all young people in Jerusalem to participate in the programs and activities of the Parliament.

  1. All are different; all are equal.
  2. Each individual has the right to express his/her opinion and respect such opinion.
  3. Resisting oppression is a duty.

Palestinian people belonging to their nation, aware of their rights and duties, and respecting diversity.

Enhancing the nation identity of youth in Jerusalem and activating their participation in society and difference.

  1. To raise youth awareness of their rights and duties.
  2. To help youth become productive members in their communities.
  3. To provide sources of information for youth.
  4. To provide larger spaces for young women to participate in society. 
Volunteer Opportunities:

The Parliament has a sufficient number of male and female volunteers, and it has the ability to send volunteers to other institutions.

Wish List:
  1. Furnishing the offices of the Parliament in the Old City.
  2. Establishing an information centre and library for youth and volunteers.
  3. Building the capacities of the Parliament team in the field for achieving the strategic plan.
  4. Resources for recruiting coordinators.
What We Have to Offer:
  1. Courses on first aid and cpr with advanced appliances.
  2. Providing materials for nutrition in schools.
  3. Building capacities of young men and women and increasing their skills in expressing their opinions.
  4. Training in debate.
  5. Different tours (the Old City, Jerusalem and throughout the country).
  6. Training guidelines and materials on the adolescence health.
  7. Courses on animation. 
Programmes and Projects
  1. Student Councils inside schools
  2. Student Clubs (4 clubs) inside schools
  3. Freedom starts from awareness: An annual course, aiming to unify the diverse student body within a single framework apart from religious, ethnic, or social differences. Including:
    1. Increasing cultural awareness
    2. Rising awareness on the national identity approach
    3. Media publications, photography and animation
    4. Health
  4. Jerusalem Student Festival
  5. Recreational activities inside schools
  6. Summer camps
  7. Student campaigns