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Bab Hutta Youth Committee
Bahaa Najib, committee member

The Old City suffers from extreme marginalisation and attempts of Judaisation. Palestinian communities in Jerusalem face systematic violation of their rights and severe restrictions including being obstructed from employment because of so-called “security concerns,” the promotion of drugs and other policies aimed at fragmenting the Palestinian community of Jerusalem and detaching it from its Palestinian identity.

The neighbourhood of Bab-Hutta has been subjected to these policies and restrictions and continues to face abuses by the Israeli occupation such as arbitrary arrests, beatings and torture. Amidst a political climate in which the Palestinian national associations have been banned from carrying out their national activities to serve the overall population, a group of Bab-Hutta's youth united to found a youth committee that strives to provide the neighbourhood with basic services, speak in the name of the neighbourhood, defend residents' rights, and preserve the Palestinian identity of Bab-Hutta in particular, and Al-Quds in general.

Identity, belonging, and cohesion.


Bab-Hutta is a Palestinian Jerusalemite neighbourhood where services are fully provided and residents enjoy their full rights.


The committee defends residents of the neighbourhood, holds activities that ensure their steadfastness and ensure the neighbourhood plays an active role in defending all of Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

  1. Working to defend neighbourhood residents through legal intervention. 
  2. Raising the political, social and national awareness of the youth. 
  3. Creating a climate of communal unity and solidarity in the neighbourhood to ensure their steadfastness in the face of the occupation. 
  4. Providing poor families with financial and material help in the face of the occupation's restrictions. 
  5. The development of the neighbourhood as much as possible to maintain its Palestinian identity. 


Volunteer Opportunities:

The committee is built upon the principle of volunteering, as all committee members are youth who volunteer to organize and carry out the different activities. As such, volunteers with fluent Arabic are always welcome.

Wish List:
  1. The restoration of some of the neighbourhood’s houses. 
  2. The provision of scholarships for university and college students.
  3. The development of cultural activities in Bab-Hutta.
What We Have to Offer:

In addition to the aforementioned services, the committee provides full information about the neighbourhood of Bab-Hutta.

Programmes and Projects
  1. "Dignified Life" provides poor families with coupons to buy bread from the Old City's bakeries. 
  2. "School Bag" distributes bags with the necessary stationery to school children in need at the beginning of every year. 
  3. Providing poor families with food aid before the holy Muslim month of Ramadan. 
  4. Financial support for poor families raised through donation of neighbourhood residents and Palestinians from outside the neighbourhood as well. 
  5. Annual Courses for high school students aimed at improving their competence in school. 
  6. Decorating the neighbourhood during the month of Ramadan.