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Wujood, “Existence/Presence,” is the first political tourist guide of al-Quds (Jerusalem), the capital of Palestine. While emphasising the unique attractions this age-old city offers, Wujood draws a picture of the realities of Jerusalemite Palestinian communities from a grassroots perspective. This guide invites visitors to take an active part in supporting the Palestinian struggle for freedom and justice, either by volunteering, supporting the Palestinian economy, or simply by comprehending the bigger picture of the political reality in the city today.



Wujood includes:

  • 33 community profiles (including a list of Nakba-displaced neighbourhoods in the western part of occupied Jerusalem)
  • 78 grassroots organisation profiles
  • The first community-based map of al-Quds including a separate pull-out tourist map of the city!
  • Practical information about ‘responsible’ tourism (supporting the Palestinian economy, amplifying Jerusalemite voices)
  • Intriguing destinations around Palestine: Visit Akka, Haifa, Nablus, Ramallah, Bethlehem Jericho and Hebron

Grassroots Jerusalem is thankful for any feedback on the guidebook. It can be sent to Amany Khalifa.


Buy the Book

Support the grassroots Palestinian movement in Jerusalem and inform your time in Jerusalem by purchasing either a physical or electronic copy of the book.

  • A physical copy of Wujood can be purchased in Jerusalem at the Educational Bookshop or at Grassroots Jerusalem’s office in Wadi al-Joz. You may also email us to inquire about shipment possibilities. The book is 100 NIS/25 USD.
  • A digital version optimized for your navigation on the go can be purchased and downloaded immediately for $10.
  • While you're at it, you can also purchase a digital copy of The Real Map of Jerusalem, the only community-based map of Jerusalem, for $5.

Wujood                The Real Map of Jerusalem