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Biddu Local Council
Khalil Badwan, Financial Manager
02-247-1220 / 02-247-1660
056-925-4908 / 059-753-3055

Prior to the establishment of the Palestinian National Authority, the responsibility of providing basic daily life services in Biddu had rested on the shoulders of a local committee founded by Biddu's families. The Local Council was founded under the instructions of the Palestinian Authority's Ministry of Local Government in 1997 and replaced the unofficial committee.

Belonging, transparency, cooperation and awareness.

Biddu is an economically thriving, well-administered village that enjoys great services.

The Council will carry out professional projects and programmes to develop the services and economic situation in the village and ensure transparency and professionalism.

  1. Improving the quality of services provided to the residents.

  2. Developing the village's infrastructure in all sectors.

  3. Building the capacities of women and people with disabilities.

  4. Supporting investment and agriculture.

  5. Developing academic and vocational education.

  6. Supporting community work in the village through the different civil society organisations.
Volunteer Opportunities:

The Council welcomes volunteers with experience in sports, service provisionand, and fluency in Arabic.

Wish List:
  1. Three computers.

  2. One laptop.

  3. Projector and screen.

  4. Copy machine.

  5. Medical equipment for the ambulance.
What We Have to Offer:
  1. Information on the village and its population.

  2. All the aforementioned services.
Programmes and Projects
  1. Paving roads within the village.

  2. Building supporting fences and stands in the King Ghazi School stadium.

  3. Installing an electrical ground system in the village.

  4. Improving communication in the village.

  5. Building a public hospital and equipping the existing public clinic.

  6. Building a vocational school and two other regular schools, one each for boys and girls.

  7. The establishment of a community centre.

  8. Establishing a sewer network and a dump for solid waste.

  9. The reclamation of 500 dunums of agricultural lands and digging 50 wells for the collection of water.

  10. Vocational training and capacity-building programmes for women and persons with disability in order to integrate them into the local process of production.

  11. The establishment of a civil defence centre.