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Rowad al-Balad
Nasser Abed Rubbu – Manager of Center

In Sur Baher, marginalised groups of youth, children, women and people with special needs face many challenges in constructive orientation and support. In order to provide such groups with services and develop their skills to involve them into society, the concept of Rowad al-Balad Centre developed as a non-profit, independent, voluntary organization. The centre actively works on developing the town and reinforcing its positive status through supporting positive phenomena and remedying the negative phenomena of all aspects of life and increasing solidarity among society members with awareness on good citizenship.

Independence of thought, partnership, creativity, equality, confidence, voluntary spirit, impartiality, equity, commitment, group spirit, transparency, accountability.

The youth of Sur Baher Village are pioneers and creative people in thought and method, and they enjoy awareness and culture necessary for contribution to build their society.

Rowad Centre will, in partnership with youth groups, work on increasing awareness and culture of different societal aspects for youth groups through training courses and workshops which aim to reinforce their capacities in different fields. The programs of the courses are set according to a deliberate strategy based on general and complete survey for all sides and aspects of life in the village.

  1. To enhance the cultural and national identity of youth
  2. To instill a voluntary spirit in youth, and employ and direct their energies in different fields that help develop and build youth groups to be involved in community work
  3. To develop the conditions of women to exercise their rights and duties and to effectively involve them in society for the goodness of individuals and society
  4. To sponsor childhood through adoption of educational distinctive projects that contribute to educating and raising children
  5. To be concerned with vocational rehabilitation in accordance with the requirements of society and work through holding specialized courses and coordinating with relevant institutions and authorities
  6. To sponsor people with special needs, integrate them into society, and increase their rehabilitation through special programs
  7. To increase the academic efficiency of the youth through training and educational courses
Volunteer Opportunities:

At present, the Centre cannot employ volunteers.

Wish List:

To provide a monthly rent for the Centre at 3,000 New Israeli Shekels.

Programmes and Projects

The Centre is working to establish head offices for the Association so as to be the cornerstone and a focus point for launching the activities of the Centre and launching events at a legal clear position.