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Women's Programmes Centre Qalandia Refugee Camp
Ms. Maryam Alqam
Palestine Qalandia Refugee Camp, Jerusalem Street, Ramallah

The Centre developed initially because there was no body in Qalandia camp to represent women, develop their capacities, or provide them with employment opportunities. The programme of the centre lies within the social, cultural, professional, sport and art spheres. It addresses the concerns of women and works to develop them in a variety of areas in order to serve the community and build development in science and education.

Women's rights and job opportunities.

To create a thriving volunteer-based NGO dealing with cultural, social and promotional issues for women including the development of the capacities and meeting of the needs of women in the camp. It is a centre that enables women, helps them utilize their free time productively, and eases the repressed psychological burdens caused by either community pressures or the occupation.

The centre serves all women in the camp, free from partisanship and racism. It tries to generate jobs for them and nurture their capacities through organizing workshops and training courses in various fields (technical, professional, health and environmental).

  1. To spread awareness and develop the capacities of women in the social, educational and cultural fields.
  2. To strengthen the women’s capacity to manage and care for their family.
  3. To find jobs for women who wish to improve their standard of living.
  4. To recruit the necessary support for projects concerning women in the camp, mainly through finding donors.
Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteers are needed in administrative staff development and in marketing the handmade products of the women.

Language Skills: Arabic and English

Wish List:
  1. A functional kitchen
  2. A marketing headquarters for the centre
What We Have to Offer:

Food catering and vocational trainings for women.

Programmes and Projects
  1. Organising fitness courses

  2. Embroidery and handicraft courses

  3. Starting up seminars, workshops and preparations in various areas

  4. Offering trainings on computer and internet skills

  5. Offering music courses