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Qalandia Refugee Camp Children's Centre for Culture and Development
Ms Maisoon Jahaghah/ Ms Widyan Ahmed
Palestine Qalandia Refugee Camp, Jerusalem Street, Ramallah

Qalandia Refugee Camp is located to the north of Jerusalem on an area of 12 km square and includes families from Palestinian villages and five towns occupied by the Israeli Army during the Nakba. In total, it has a population of around 15,000 inhabitants. The Children’s Centre for Culture and Development was founded in 2003 to advocate for the rights of children in the Qalandia Refugee Camp and to structure the children’s free time in a constructive and educational manner.

The promotion of education and recreation for the creation of a sustainable future.


The organisation works to create a younger generation whom are mentally, spiritually, and physically healthy and to reduce the psychological burdens and pressures associated with the occupation.

The organisation provides a centre for children to entertain themselves which is also a supportive space for children to process the psychological effects of harsh living conditions, social hardships, and life under the occupation. The centre also develops and spreads positive attitudes within the community and works to advocate for children’s rights.

  1. Developing the capacity of children and unleashing their creativity.
  2. Working with staff capable of nurturing children who can serve the community in the future.
  3. Reducing the stress, pain, and frustration that children face as a result of social isolation.
  4. Developing children at both local and national levels who are self and socially aware.
  5. Developing the spirit of teamwork among children, strengthening their intellectual and leadership skills, and preparing them for the next stages of their lives.
  6. Improging the level of services provided to the children, consistent with international conventions for the Rights of the Child.
  7. Carrying out leisure-time programmes including visits to places of historical, cultural, and religious significance.
Volunteer Opportunities:

The centre is looking for volunteers with workshop facilitation skills and preferably with previous experience in working with children.

Language Skills: Arabic and preferably English

Wish List:
  1. Build an indoor gameroom.
  2. Furnish the theatre.
  3. Media Studio project, including an equipment upgrade and computer lab.
What We Have to Offer:

The organisation offers workshops on creative writing and reading, drawing, handicrafts, drama, computer skills, music, and sports. Additionally, the organization holds courses on the Palestinian narrative and identity and scripture lessons. The centre also provides psychological support.

Programmes and Projects
  1. Organises capacity building workshops including drawing, handicrafts, drama, computer, music, and sports.
  2. Organises creative writing and reading workshops.
  3. Organises courses on the Palestinian narrative and identity.
  4. Sustains and teaches Palestinian folklore.
  5. Provides scripture lessons.
  6. Organises physical and psychological support activities.
  7. Organises environmental activities.
  8. Plans festive annual celebrations.