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Beit al-Fan al-Falastini
Mr. Khaled al-Sheikh, Center Manager.
Palestinian Art House: Entrance of Shu’fat Refugee Camp; Jerusalem

The lack of conditions and tools that develop the talents of innovators and artists among Palestinians in Jerusalem has resulted in the absence of Jerusalem in general from the art field in addition to the efforts of the Israeli occupation institutions to marginalise the Palestinian cultural and artistic life in Jerusalem in general. Under these conditions, Mr. Khaled Al Sheikh Ali established the Palestinian Art House in 2000. Many artists and talented people in Jerusalem were invited to design the strategic plan of the art house. In their opinion, the group agreed to start producing songs, forming rap bands and photographers to produce short films.

In 2000, Watan Band was established including 17 musicians. The band produces many songs with individual efforts of the members of the band.

Art, capacity building, national identity.

A Palestinian community that is artistic, aware, and capable of producing talented innovators in different fields of art

The Palestinian Art House seeks to encompass artistic and creative capacities under a single objective through providing the necessary environment for developing the capacities of Jerusalemite artists and innovators.

  1. To create opportunities for Jerusalemite artists and innovators to refine their talents through local, regional and international trainings and workshops.

  2. To enhance the artistic national message through producing a group of short films and songs.

  3. To provide an environment suitable for improvement of talented innovators through artistic and literary contests.

  4. To enhance self-confidence in talents through holdings workshops, trainings and meetings with Palestinian artists and authors.

  5. To enhance the human characteristic of art through establishing artistic and musical joint projects.
Volunteer Opportunities:

There are volunteer opportunities specifically in the field of funding, project writing, and song translation from Portuguese and Spanish to benefit from different artistic experiences. Volunteers who are fluent in English, Arabic, Portuguese and/or Spanish are preferred.

Wish List:
  1. Eastern and Western musical instruments.

  2. Equipment for developing and rehabilitating the studio.

  3. Cameras.

  4. Two computers and Montague programmes.  

  5. Server.

  6. Website.

What We Have to Offer:
  1. Recording songs

  2. Musical Training and workshops

  3. Teaching singing

  4. Teaching photography and writing digital stories
Programmes and Projects
  1. The Studio of the Palestinian art house was established in 2000 and produces many national and rap songs.

  2. “Ala Balata” is a political, social and cultural TV programme whose modules will be broadcasted on the internet.

  3. The Artistic Kitchen hosts talents, innovators and artists and presents modules of artistic improvisation for those youth after which special committees suggest an artistic subject and evaluate the artistic trend that the talented person should follow.