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Hizma Local Council
Mwafa’ al-Khatib, Head of Local Council

Founded in 1995 following the establishment of the Palestinian National Authority, the local council of Hizma is responsible for providing residents with basic services including water, electricity, waste-collecting and building permits.  Amidst the escalating attacks by the Israeli occupation against Jerusalemite villages, defending Hizma's lands from the Israeli policy of confiscation has become part and parcel of the local council's responsibilities.

Professionalism, transparency and youth.

A modern village, Hizma enjoys all the services and infrastructure required for sustainable development.

The Local Council of Hizma is developing the infrastructure in the village and carrying out projects that contribute to the development of the individual and community as a whole.

  1. Improving infrastructure in general, and water and electricity network in particular.

  2. Conducting research and studies concerning construction, planning and attaining building permits and protecting the village's lands.

  3. Protecting and preserving the threatened antiquities of the village.

  4. Defending public properties.

  5. Establishing authorised slaughterhouses and organising the process of growing and slaughtering animals.

  6. Developing the education and health care sectors

Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteering opportunities are available for people with experience in planning and construction and in public work. Preference for fluent Arabic speakers.

Wish List:
  1. Medical equipment for the medical centre

  2. Water Reservoir

Programmes and Projects
  1. Agricultural development: Opening a road that gives residents access to their agricultural land to support the agricultural sector and protect agricultural lands.

  2. "Collaboration" is a project aimed at creating partnerships between the home, school and the community in order to improve the educational and academic results in the village.

  3. Protecting child rights: In cooperation with the Save the children Fund, the local council has carried out workshops with relevant associations concerning children's rights and the active participation of children in the community.