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Women's Association for Beit Iksa's Development
Ms. Fadwa Hababi, Chairwoman.
Beit Iksa, Jerusalem

Beit Iksa occupies a strategic location due to its proximity with Jerusalem. The village boasted wide and large territories of fertile agricultural land, but much of that has been confiscated by the Israeli occupation to make way for Jewish colonies and the Annexation Wall. The Wall has also isolated Beit Iksa from Jerusalem. These factors have caused many residents to leave the village.

The initiative to establish a women's association in Beit Iksa came in response to these conditions with the aim of helping women reclaim their role in the Palestinian struggle, contribute to supporting and stabilising the Palestinian family, reinforce the resilience of the village, and help develop and advance the local community.

The Women's Association was founded in Beit Iksa according to The Law of Charitable Associations and Community Organisations (1) in 2000 and was authorised by the Palestinian Ministry of the Interior in 2014.

Collaboration, partnership and women's rights.

Palestinian women are active partners in all spheres of public life, and particularly the economic sector.

The Beit Iksa women Society strives to enhance women's capacity for active participation in the economic life. It also strives to empower and integrate women in all different fields of public life and to foster family and community solidarity.

  1. The economic empowerment of women in order to reduce poverty through courses training women in domestic economy and food industry.

  2. Improve the skills of women to help them achieve a better level of nurturing their kids and taking care of their families.

  3. Integrate women into the public life of the local community.
Volunteer Opportunities:

We need volunteers who are adept at public work and have experience in volunteering. Necessary skills: Fluent Arabic and English.

Wish List:
  1. Equipping the office with an office table, chairs, computer, printer, fax and scanner. Equipping the meeting hall with a table, projector, laptop, white board, Flip chart, and 100 chairs. Equipping the kitchen with a refrigerator, stove, table and cupboard.

  2. Supporting the Association with small projects in order to empower women.

Programmes and Projects
  1. Social programmes:  These programmes aim at empowering women and help them fulfil their role vis-à-vis their families and community. The projects also include entertainment programmes.

  2. Cultural programmes: Raising awareness through courses and workshops in essential life issues.

  3. Other programmes: These aim at improving the social environment and helping the different sectors of society.