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Beit Iksa Local Council
Mourad Kiswani, Council Member.
Village Centre, Beit Iksa, Jerusalem

The rural council of Beit Iksa was founded in 1995 shortly after the establishment of the Palestinian National Authority. It is responsible for providing residents with essential daily life services such as water, electricity, and waste collection in addition to the development of the infrastructure of the village.  

Beit Iksa has been subjected to numerous aggressions and violations by the Israeli occupation such as massive land confiscation, colonial expansion, the isolation of the village from Jerusalem, and the erection of a military checkpoint that separated Beit Iksa from neighbouring villages.

In spite of such difficult conditions, the local council of Beit Iksa works to provide residents with all services.

Partnership with the local community, professionalism and capacity building

Beit Iksa possesses all the necessary services and infrastructure to ensure the development of residents in a climate of collaboration, unity and solidarity.

Through launching and developing projects, the council of Beit Iksa strives to improve life conditions inside the village and provide all the necessary services for the development, flourishment, and capacity building of the residents.

  1. Developing  infrastructure in the village, particularly accessible agricultural paths.

  2. Fostering and strengthening cooperative community work in the village.

  3. Strengthening the capacities of women and youth in the village.

Volunteer Opportunities:

There is a critical importance for volunteers in all the fields of work of the local council, particularly youth volunteers with experience in planning and construction projects. Volunteers should speak fluent Arabic and English.

Wish List:
  1. The rural council and its members need supervision and assistance in the planning and creation of successful projects for the community.

Programmes and Projects
  1. The establishment of a public park.

  2. Paving the village's roads.