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Women's Organisation a-Nabi Samuel
Nawal Barakat, chairwoman
A-Nabi Samuel, Jerusalem

The village of a-Nabi Samuel is located on the highest hilltop in the Jerusalem area, making it a target of the Israeli occupation and its settler-colonial project.

The village is facing a vicious campaign to displace its indigenous Palestinian community, uproot its trees and destroy it entirely. The village's lands face confiscation orders, most homes and structures in the village are under demolition threat, and villagers are regularly harassed at military checkpoints and provoked by settlers. Additionally, the construction of the Annexation Wall has isolated the village and stripped villagers of their right to live in dignity and have freedom of movement. al-Jib checkpoint is the only accessible passage in and out of the village, as the Israeli Occupation army has blocked all other entrances, and public transportation is non-existent. Amidst such unbearable conditions, a group of women established an association in 2010 in an attempt to break the siege suffocating the women in the village and the village as a whole.

Women, resistance, capacity building and sustainability.

Creating and developing projects and programmes that aim at supporting and fostering all villagers in general; and specifically empowering women, enhancing their role and guaranteeing the active participation of women in all fields.

The women of a-Nabi Samuel are active in all fields of life and possess the potential and aweareness to defy the plans of the Israeli establishment and protect their village from ethnic cleansing.

  1. Improving women's social and political knowledge as well as enhancing women's capacity to take part in decision-making processes.

  2. Developing all sectors of the local community in the different fields of life, intellectually, economically and politically.

  3. Implement projects that provide women with work opportunities in order to ensure financial stability for them and their families.

Volunteer Opportunities:

The association looks for volunteers capable of managing projects. Skills needed: writing in Arabic, English and Hebrew.

Wish List:
  1. A projector.

  2. Scholarships for local university students.

  3. Photocopiers.

  4. Computers

What We Have to Offer:
  1. Training courses that enable women to obtain employment opportunities.

  2. Entertainment trips.

  3. Trips to the villages in the area north of Jerusalem.

  4. Providing clothes for weddings and for children.

  5. Providing financial assistance to poor families.

Programmes and Projects
  1. Carrying out courses to train women and youth and participating in workshops and lectures.

  2. Kick-starting social activities and conducting workshops.

  3. Providing residents with tangible assistance.

  4. Organising cultural and entertainment activities and helping children with their education.

  5. Participating in a program called "Yes, We Can" for children of the village.

  6. Communicating with media in order to raise awareness about the situation in the village.

  7. Projects with the aim of empowering women.