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al-Quds Association Heritage Development
Nour Sandouqa, Director.
059-834-5915 / 052-440-5197

al-Quds Association Heritage Development was established in 2006 and received a bank credit from al-Quds governorate to start its activity. It initially failed to receive a license from the Palestinian Ministry of the Interior due to the disputes that followed the parliamentary and presidential elections. The association's general assembly is made up of 13 members, and its board of directors includes seven members.

The purpose of the association's establishment is twofold: One is concerned with development and the other is concerned with heritage. The association seeks to employ and empower Palestinian girls and women in Bir Nabala and neighbouring villages. It also contributes to the revival and development of traditional Palestinian crafts while adding a stamp of modernity to them.

The necessity to establish such an association came up due to the policies of closures and restrictions imposed by the Israeli occupation on the residents of the Bir Nabala enclave and the impact of the Annexation Wall on their sources of income. The association was officially authorised in 2008.

Professionalism, transparency and objectivity.

Bir Nabala women are academically and professionally qualified and capable of fulfilling their social and national duties.

The association carries the banner of empowerment and rehabilitation of women and girls in the Bir Nabala area through developing and implementing projects that serve both the heritage and the productivity of women.

  1. Employing and empowering women in the Bir Nabala area, particularly women who have social and economic problems.

  2. Developing the traditional Palestinian heritage and adding a touch of modernity to it while maintaining the authenticity of the product.

  3. Carrying out projects that train and qualify women to guarantee their future productivity.

  4. Extending the methods of production and manufacturing through integrating the association's programmes in the schools.
Volunteer Opportunities:

There are volunteer opportunities for people skilled at manufacturing, production and marketing and who are fluent in Arabic.

Wish List:
  1. A centre for the association

  2. Furniture and equipment for the centre.

What We Have to Offer:
  1. Courses in embroidery, stained glass and ceramics painting.

  2. Courses in mental and educational health for girls.

Programmes and Projects
  1. Conducting a glass painting and ceramics workshop.

  2. Establishing a centre for academic and professional training.

  3. Iqra' (Read): A programme aimed at raising the awareness and intellectual level for students from an early age.