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a-Ram Youth Local Council
Ms. Dania Ghazawne, President

The Youth Local Council of a-Ram was founded in 2006 as part of a project initiated by the Palestinian youth forum "Sharek." The forum strives to increase the participation of youth in societal and community work by forming a body modeled on the official local council to share its responsibilities and help meet the needs of the local community.

Since its establishment, the Youth Council has undergone significant change in terms of its work dynamics, goals, programmes and projects. Though it focuses mainly on serving children and youth, it also increasingly shares the local council's responsibility in developing the village and providing services.

Youth, development, capacity building, objectivity, and professionalism

The youth and children of a-Ram are aware of the magnitude of the responsibilities awaiting them and as such they actively participate in determining the priorities of the village and working to implement them.

The Youth Council will conduct training, courses and workshops that contribute to raising the awareness of the youth regarding the importance of societal work including individual and teamwork. Additionally, the youth council will launch programmes concerned with developing services in the village in continuation of the local council's work.

  1. Youth development in the village

  2. Providing women with economic, vocational and social training and making them productive through opening small projects for women.

  3. Raising awareness about the importance of volunteering and societal work among youth.

  4. Increasing the participation of the youth in decision-making and cooperation with the local council

  5. Helping the local council become more active through emphasizing the collaboration with youth.

  6. Conducting several workshops and summer camps for children to nurture and develop them.

  7. Fostering the Palestinian identity and preserving the Palestinian cultural heritage.

Volunteer Opportunities:

There is a permanent need for volunteers in the youth council preferably youth with fluent Arabic and experience in development and youth capacity building.

Wish List:
  1. A course about strategising projects.

  2. A workshop on campaign building and launching.

  3. An employee who can work in funding.
What We Have to Offer:
  1. Courses and workshops in development including human development, youth leadership and training.

  2. Programmes and workshops for children to develop and nurture their social, intellectual and sporting skills.

  3. Meeting hall that includes a screen and projector.

  4. Information about the youth sector in the village.
Programmes and Projects
  1. Youth workshops about the rule of law, security and order.

  2. Determining  priorities by scanning the needs of the youth council.

  3. A programme aimed at providing training in rescue and civil defence.

  4. Training in first aid and emergency

  5. Summer camps for children that include workshops on how to handle unwanted social phenomena.

  6. Founding a folk dance group in the village.