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Shbab albalad
Mr. Husam Allyan , member of Establishing Committee
Schools Street, the building of al-Mukaber Mount Charitable Society, al-Mukaber Mount

Like all villages and quarters of Occupied Jerusalem, al-Mukaber Mount suffers from a lack of social and cultural services due to the systematic oppressioin of the Israeli Occupation in order to marginalise Palestinians in Jerusalem.  It also suffers from the absence of local youth groups. Non-existence of an active youth group in al-Mukaber Mount was the main stimulator for youth from the village to organise themselves and develop various activites and projects for the youth and village under the title “al-Balad Youth Initiative.” The group's first event was the the festival of “Sahoori Recreational Night,” a cultural activity which gathered all the community groups of al-Mukaber Mount.

Generosity, Respect, Cooperation, Commitment, Responsibility, Transparency, Credibility, Equality, Volunteerism, Belonging, Professionalism, Democracy.

The youth of al-Mukaber Mount Village are culturally aware and enjoy the ability and complete independence to plan and execute projects for developing the village and all the Jerusalemite quarters.


Planning and implementing cultural and social activities to provide an opportunity for the youth to achieve their roles in society, create new spaces for creativity, reinforce the belonging spirit of youth, stimulate service to their village and Jerusalem, and maintain their intellectual independence.

  1. To create youth cultural mobilisation in al-Mukaber Mount

  2. To reinforce youth self-confidence and volunteerism

  3. To increase awareness of the history and culture of the village and Occupied Jerusalem

  4. To communicate with citizens through workshops and training for mothers

  5. To prepare and rehabilitate the youth for academic achievement

  6. To encourage children to read in order to increase their cultural and academic level

Volunteer Opportunities:

The initiative can employ volunteers who speak Arabic and have talents and abilities that assist in supporting and developing the community, especially in the fields of media, graphic design and planning and coordinating projects.

What We Have to Offer:
  1. Academic courses in all fields

  2. Cultural and artistic expertise

  3. Empowerment courses for women

  4. Meeting space
Programmes and Projects
  1. Establishing the public library of Jabal al-Mukaber

  2. The cultural educational centre

  3. A paper and “Eye Pad” - an activity for discussing books

  4. Sahoori Recreational Night - community activities