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a-Sawahrah a-Sharqiyah Centre for Girls
Ms. Alaa Ja'afreh

Under the conservative tradition that dominates the village of a-Sawahrah a-Sharqiyah, women have been sidelined from active participation in the public sphere despite the fact the vast majority of educated residents in a-Sawahrah are women. Until the establishment of our association, not a single feminist centre had been active in the village.

Founded by a group of girls and women with the goal of carrying out feminist activities and developing women's capacities, the association is awaiting formal recognition from the Palestinian Authority's Ministry of the Interior after meeting all the requirements and submitting all the necessary applications for a license.

Capacity building, equality and professionalism

The girls and women of a-Sawahrah a-Sharqiyah possess the skills and potential to develop their capacities and excel economically, academically and vocationally.

The association will carry out programmes to build the capacities of girls and women and support them economically by helping them start small projects.

  1. Raising the awareness of the community in general, and women in particular, to the importance of women's participation in the public sphere.
  2. Building the economic, vocational and academic capacities of women.
  3. The economic empowerment of women through starting small productive projects.
Volunteer Opportunities:

The Society welcome female volunteers with experience in women's empowerment and fluency in Arabic

Wish List:

Until we receive a license from the Ministry of Interior, we work to obtain the following:

  1. Centre for the association

  2. Decent furniture.

  3. A meeting hall with a projector and computer.
Programmes and Projects
  1. Empowerment and development: This project includes among other things, workshop and trainings in weaving, knitting and embroidery and social workshops  
  2. A programme, in collaboration with the local council, that seeks to integrate women in the labour market in the village.
  3. Commemorating national occasions and anniversaries in the village and its schools.