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a-Sheikh Jarrah Welfare Society
Mahmoud Alsa’o
Jerusalem, a-Sheikh Jarrah, P.O. Box 69398

In 2013, a group of community members came together to organise against continued attacks by settlers and settler organisations on residents and their homes in a-Sheikh Jarrah. Residents of the community lack the necessary knowledge and resources to engage in the legal procedures used against them by settlers who are working to confiscate their homes. The a-Sheikh Jarrah Welfare Society formed to create community awareness of human rights and to organise advocacy efforts to petition the Jerusalem occupation municipality to provide services such as waste collection, sewage, infrastructure, and social services. 

Human rights education and capacity building.

Residents and are aware of have obtained their human rights.

To provide the necessary workshops and resources to raise awareness of human rights among the residents of a-Sheikh Jarrah. 

  1. Raising awareness among neighbourhood residents about their political, social, and economic rights
  2. Advocating before the Israeli occupation municipality to hold it accountable for the services that they are obligated to provide for the residents
  3. Building and developing informal education projects for the youth and children in the neighbourhood
Volunteer Opportunities:

The organisation is seeking volunteers to assist in the creation of an organisational plan. English and Hebrew teachers are also sought.

Language Skills: Arabic, English, and/or Hebrew.

Wish List:
  1. Space for the organisation and a kindergarten.
  2. Community organiser to assist in the development of an organisational strategy.
  3. English and Hebrew teachers to teach community members.
What We Have to Offer:

The organisation was recently established and current projects are under development. 

Programmes and Projects

The organisation is in the early stages of building and opening a kindergarten in the community.