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The Platform

Like the city itself, Grassroots Jerusalem’s online platform is a product of the people. It is the evolving creation of partners from 80 community organisations in 40 Palestinian communities of Jerusalem.

For Palestinians, it’s a hub to organise, develop financial independence, share resources, and strategically resist the divisive effects of the occupation. For others, it’s a hub to connect to Palestinian life in Jerusalem: from protests to musical performances, from political tours to volunteer opportunities.

Come join and enhance our dynamic platform. Send us information about upcoming events in Jerusalem, local products to sell or updates from your Maqdisi community. We want the world to know about people like you.


How to Navigate the Platform

We’re delighted that you’ve come to visit us here at Grassroots Jerusalem!

What we’ve done for you on this website is more buffet than 4 course meal, so here’s a little guidance on navigating the wealth of information effectively.

Discover Jerusalem

Here you will find various resources to help you navigate Jerusalem effectively and justly.  

Jerusalem Communities
Categorised by geographic area, we’ve partnered with 40 Palestinian communities within the Jerusalem District to develop profiles which include relevant history, present challenges and fascinating anecdotes.  Don’t miss the links in the right-hand corner that will take you to a map of the community, organisations active within it, various media resources, allow you to share the page with friends and family, and add relevant info.

Life in Jerusalem
Here you can find general overviews on particular aspects of life for Palestinians within occupied Jerusalem that describe the political challenges to every-day existence.  Look for profiles on the Annexation Wall, Infrastructure Neglect, Colony Expansion, Educational Disparities, the Permit Regime,Right of Return,” the “legal no-man’s land,” and so much more!

Jerusalem Organisations
Over the years, we have connected with almost 80 grassroots organisations around Jerusalem.  Here you will find profiles of each of these including their mission, programmes, assets, volunteer opportunities, needs and contact information. call them, they’ll love to hear from you!

Grassroots Jerusalem
This section describes the manys we are partnering with others across the city, region and world to catalyse this movement and challenge the occupation. Make sure you check out the Join the Movement section to find many ways you can begin to connect with us and others.

Let us know about your website experience and how we could improve!


Join the Movement

There is a burgeoning grassroots movement amongst Palestinians and those joining them in solidarity to address the humanitarian, developmental and political issues which systematically disempower and dispossess Palestinians across Jerusalem.  However, it cannot be done alone! We invite you to join our movement through strategic support of Palestinian organisations and communities around the city.  

Here are several ways you can begin: