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Grassroots Jerusalem is a platform for Palestinian community-based mobilisation, leadership and advocacy that helps Palestinian communities in Jerusalem strategically address the humanitarian, developmental and political issues which systematically disempower and dispossess Palestinians across the city.

Our role is to find and amplify local resources available for and from grassroots leadership and organisations by developing environments for sharing and exchanging information, knowledge and experience and coordinating on issues of urgent and long-term concern.

To realise our vision, Grassroots Jerusalem has developed three interlocking pillars (Mapping and Assessment, Local Mobilisation, Global Mobilisation) that support our platform for community development and advocacy. Together, they provide a platform for change agents to develop their own capacity and enable the development of their communities.

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Thriving local communities participating in the leadership and decision-making process and geared to achieving the fullest of human and community potential of a capital city. A healthy, sustainable society based on justice and dignity in a free regional metropolis.


  • Support local Palestinian self-empowerment

  • Revive the largest Palestinian metropolis and capital

  • Impact international policy so that it answers to the needs and aspirations of Jerusalem’s Palestinian communities

  • Contribute to the Palestinian struggle for justice!


Mapping and Assessment Pillar

Adopting a bottom-up participatory approach, Grassroots Jerusalem’s Mapping and Assessment pillar provides tools for communities to assess their needs and assets as well as make maps which reflect their identity and aspirations.


Local Mobilisation Pillar

The Local Mobilisation pillar helps communities mobilise around their immediate challenges and seeks to strengthen Palestinian community networks which raise a loud and clear voice. We are a home for those who oppose the occupation in this great city and those developing initiatives against oppression.


Global Mobilisation Pillar

The Global Mobilisation pillar connects Jerusalem grassroots movements to worldwide allies, putting Jerusalem back on the map as the Palestinian capital and biggest metropolis. We believe that this is the sustainable and efficient way to create the diplomatic pressure needed to stop policies of displacement and disempowerment in Jerusalem.