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Palestinian Child Centre
Khaled Al Sheikh- Manager of Center.

Due to the difficult conditions of Shu’fat Refugee Camp in terms of the absence of playgrounds and cultural, social and sport activities for children as well as overpopulation which causes social diseases that increase the difficulties of the Palestinian daily life, a group of social activists in the camp established this centre in 2000. Its goal is to fulfill the needs of children by instilling within them moral and national awareness to complete the struggle of returning to their historical land and achieve what others have so far failed to do.

Building the capacities of children ethically, nationally and professionally

Children of Shu’fat camp are innovators and initiators and completely aware of their Palestinian identity.

The Centre seeks to increase awareness and education through non-curricular means to help children combat social diseases in the camp.

  1. To increase cultural awareness by establishing groups to reflect and preserve the Palestinian culture.

  2. To increase the national awareness of children through non-curricular activities and establishing groups of theatre and national singing.

  3. To increase cooperation and unity by establishing an artistic national collective initiative around music and folk dancing.

  4. To increase the awareness of children on the risks of the spread of social diseases in the society with the aim of creating a healthy generation capable of coping with current and future challenges in the camp.

  5. To plant the value of return to homeland through providing workshops and field visits to the villages and cities from which the Palestinian refugees were deported.

  6. To create the instinct of actual return in children through practicing that right in addition to documenting everything relating to the original villages and cities through holding trainings on documentary photography.

Volunteer Opportunities:

There are volunteer opportunities in the field of fundraising and project development. Volunteers who are fluent in English and Arabic languages are preferred.

Wish List:
  1. Clothes for the folk dancing group.

  2. Studio loudspeakers.

  3. Musical instruments for trainees.

  4. Video and photography cameras.

  5. Theatre equipment.

What We Have to Offer:
  1. Training on folk dancing, theatre, rap, singing, photography, coral and music.

  2. Workshops on children awareness of the Jerusalem and Palestinian case.

  3. Courtyard for children in the camp.

  4. Basketball playground.

Programmes and Projects
  1. The folk dancing group was established in 2005

  2. The theatre group was established in 2012

  3. The rap group was established in 2003

  4. The photography group was established in 2010

  5. The coral group was established in 2013

  6. A musical studio was established in 2013