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Beit Doqu Development Society
Ikrema Rayan

The idea of founding a society for development in the village was initiated by a group of youth from Beit Doqu who are committed to public interest and who received little support from officials.

A non-profit organisation, the society initially had only one room as its centre which had been previously used as a public meeting and gathering room by villagers. It has since grown to inhabit a four-story building, each story covering 160 square meters and operating in the service of the society's projects.

Combating poverty through education, justice and equality, democracy, honesty, and transparency.

Beit Doqu contributes to significant economic projects in Palestine and becomes a model of successful and great experiences that can be passed on to other Palestinian villages.

The society strives to develop the community socially, agriculturally, educationally and culturally through collaboration, serious partnership, activating the role of volunteering and using the experiences gained by individuals to serve the public interest.

  1. Serving residents of the village socially and in the sectors of agriculture, health, and culture.

  2. Creating new employment opportunities in the community by starting productive projects.

  3. Improving the status of women and integrating them in the society by improving their capacity for work and development.

  4. Nurturing children and helping them develop their talents and ideas.

  5. Active contribution to the development of infrastructure in the community.

Volunteer Opportunities:

The society welcomes volunteers. Preference for university students majoring in education, social work, administration and other fields. Fluency in Arabic and English needed.

Wish List:
  1. Establishing a factory that covers an area of 400 square meters.

  2. The restoration of the first floor of the centre’s building.

  3. Machines for food manufacturing.

  4. Developing the sheep farm project.

  5. Establishing a unit for cultivated barley.

What We Have to Offer:
  1. Educational programmes for all sectors of the community and entertainment programmes for children.

  2. Training courses, particularly in agriculture, given by specialised engineers.

Programmes and Projects
  1. Cultivating fountains: the projects attempts at creating new employment opportunities for youth in the fields of agriculture, specifically cultivating on fountains, and the project targets about 40 young men and women from the village and provides them with all the necessary equipment for cultivating.

  2. Food manufacturing: Helping farmers in the village market their produce particularly those who are denied access to their agricultural lands behind the wall. The project also aims at creating employment opportunities for women.

  3. The reclamation of agricultural land and the creation of irrigation networks: Helping farmers take care of their lands, encouraging farmers to work their lands, and providing farmers with a source of income.

  4. The development of a park: A public park covering an area of four dunums was established to help entertain residents particularly children. It includes space for family gatherings and a playground.

  5. The establishment of a factory for herbal medicine and a factory for jam and molasses: Support the marketing of Palestinian products, especially medical products, in addition to encouraging farmers to cultivate all the lands that they possess in order to provide them with a future source of income.

  6. Summer camps for children.

  7. Courses to help students in their education, especially high school students.

  8. Vocational training courses for youth and women to improve their skills and increase their work opportunities.

  9. Political meetings and workshops

  10. Camps for volunteer work.

  11. Computer courses for all ages.

  12. Courses to educate residents on health issues.