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Programme Information

Your work should align with your values. At Grassroots Jerusalem, we work from the grassroots on projects that build capacity in Jerusalem communities. If our grassroots, community-based approach resonates with you, then you’ve found your volunteer programme!

Grassroots Jerusalem’s Volunteer Programme directly meets the needs of our community partners, as well as building your skills and awareness. We want you to come away with new skills, knowledge, and experiences that will help you develop into the leader you are. At the same time, our partner organisations will gain valuable skills to improve their work by learning from you. This is a cultural and professional exchange, sharing ways of being and tools for action. 

We provide historical, political, cultural, geographical, and environmental background on Palestine so that your personal experience is grounded in context. You will gain a much broader knowledge of the issues of Palestine and the Occupation, alongside the larger forces shaping our world such as globalisation, development, environmentalism, religion, ethics, and sustainability.


Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities at Grassroots Jerusalem:

Location: Based in Jerusalem    
Duration:  3-6 months with the possible extension
Availability: Various starting dates
Work Ratio: Full-time

Volunteer opportunities with one of our partner organisations:

We are constantly opening new positions with our partners. For more information, email us at

Here are examples of previous opportunities:


Essential Eligibility Criteria
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Financial resources to travel to and live in Jerusalem for duration of contract
  • Interest in learning about the Palestinian communities in and around Jerusalem


Application Process

The process is simple.

  1. Check to ensure you meet the essential eligibility criteria

  2. Inquire about the current volunteer opportunities

  3. Submit your application: email a resume and cover letter (max 1 page) to

We will contact you to confirm your place in the programme and send you comprehensive pre-travel information on flights, visas, travel insurance, responsible travel in Palestine, and a gear/packing list. We will also share a resource list for deepening your understanding of the context of Jerusalem within the occupation.  

Read what our former volunteers have to say about their experience in our Testimonials section below.

If you have additional questions about the programme, email us at



How long are the volunteer placements?
The length of volunteer placements is dependent on the host organisation’s needs. Typical placements are between 2-6 months, with the possibility of extension.

How much does the programme cost?
It’s free!

How is the Grassroots Volunteer Programme different from other programmes in Palestine?
This is a service learning programme, so its more than simply donating your time. It’s also about developing yourself as a leader and gaining a deeper understanding of Palestine and the context of occupation.

Why volunteer through the Grassroots Jerusalem Volunteer Programme?
It’s an amazing way to get to know this complex part of the world while developing tangible professional skills, meeting new and interesting people, and giving back to a vibrant and active community.

How much can I expect to spend during my stay?
Check out this site.

What about fundraising?
Fundraising is always a good option for this kind of adventure. Here are resources to support you in raising the money you need: Cross Cultural Solutions, Volunteer International.

Will I be working with other volunteers?
Our intention is to have two volunteers for each placement. So, invite a friend to volunteer with you!

Where do I stay and what do I eat?
We will support all participants in finding accommodation in Jerusalem. There are options to stay with host families or live independently in a flat. While GJ will support participants in finding housing, it is the responsibility of the participant to secure housing arrangements.
There are many ways to eat in Jerusalem. Each participant will find their own system either eating out or cooking at home. For estimated costs, please refer to this link.

What about the cultural life in Palestine?  
Jerusalem is a vibrant metropolitan capital with plenty happening all the time. GJ will assist you in connecting with the social environment. A good place to start is "This Week in Palestine".

Is it safe to be in Jerusalem?
You're not alone if family and friends are you asking you, "You're going where?" While our volunteers rarely let headlines keep them from their destinations, their loved ones back home often need reassurance.

Here are some important facts:

Because volunteers travel as representatives of Grassroots Jerusalem, not as "tourists," they are seen as members of the community. As a part of our orientation, we will provide training and support on keeping safe in this region. Additionally, volunteers work together as a team and never need to be alone in the host community.

If you or your family members are concerned about your security in a host community, contact us at for current information. Overall, be aware that the headlines can overstate or exaggerate reality. Be a world-wise traveler, but don't let the headlines keep you from leaving your mark on the world.

What about insurance, flights, etc?
Participants are responsible for their own insurance and flights. Grassroots Jerusalem can support participants in finding local insurance once accepted into the programme.


Volunteer Testimonies

I worked as GIS and Cartography intern for nearly 6 months, between 2014 and 2015, and I absolutely loved it! It was a great opportunity to grow, personally, politically, and professionally. If you are looking for a place where you are talked through each step and everything is regulated and runs smoothly, you might be disappointed. BUT, if you what you are after is an opportunity to take the lead, have your skills valued, and your opinions challenged on an everyday basis, you will be rewarded.

The aspect of the work I enjoyed the most was engaging in countless heated but open debates on Palestine and its conflicts. I left Jerusalem with more complex, more nuanced views on world politics, and I think few internships can claim to achieve this.

Volunteering with Grassroots Jerusalem was my first volunteer experience abroad, and it was an amazing one! I learned more about Palestine and the Occupation than most travellers to this region do, in a short period of time. I met inspiring Palestinian activists, compassionate community members, and internationals from all over the world. I'd recommend this experience to anyone who is interested in travelling to expand their undertanding of global politics and communtiy-based activism. 
I also gained many tangible leadership skills, as Grassroots offers their volunteers a lot of independence and responsibility. I'm ambitious, so this really worked for me and made my experience that much fuller. On a more personal note, I developed lifelong friendships and memories that will stay with me for ever. 
Grassroots Jerusalem is a warm and welcoming organisation, which I greatly valued in light of the context. I was given the freedom to explore and propose new ideas and discovered that the discipline of mapping is a very powerful tool. I would highly recommend an internship experience with this organisation to anyone looking for an experience which gives both immense personal and professional growth.