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Map of the Grassroots Political Tour route.

An introduction of legal status issues for Palestinians in Jerusalemites (Arabic).

This map illustrates the colonial plans for one of the most strategic areas in the centre of Jerusalem: The eviction of Palestinian families and colonizing by Israeli settlers. The residents of lower a-Sheikh Jarrah are mostly refugees displaced during the Nakba that are still waiting to return to their homes in the western part of Jerusalem and other areas of Palestine.

This map illustrates the isolation of Abu Dis and the main campus of al-Quds University from Jerusalem by the 8 meter tall Annexation Wall and a checkpoint.

al-’Eizariyah was once a vibrant economic centre in Jerusalem with historic religious sites and many businesses. The Annexation Wall isolated the town and devastated its economy. This map shows attractions to visit and businesses to support to help revive its old city.

Displaced from their original village to their agricultural lands during the Nakba in 1948, al-Walajah residents still face the threat of land confiscation. This map shows the original location of the village as well as the plan for an Israeli “national park” on its lands.

This map shows the Bedouin communities located on the eastern slopes of Jerusalem, separated from it by the Annexation Wall. Being continuously and systematically displaced by the occupation authorities since the early 1950’s, these communities now face a new threat of displacement to Jericho by Israeli colonial expansion plans, namely the realisation of the E1 plan.

This map illustrates the isolation between the villages of Jabal al-Mukaber and a-Sheikh Sa’d which were originally connected but are now separated by military checkpoints and roadblocks.

This map shows the occupation’s policy of isolating Palestinian communities from Jerusalem with the Annexation Wall while confiscating their lands for colonialist uses.

The map shows Jerusalem as it was before the 1948 occupation. It highlights the villages and communities destroyed during the 1948 Nakba and 1967 Naska, as well as those still existing.

Road #4 splits the village of Sharafat in two. ِAt the same time, the formerly agricultural community of Beit Safafa is being divided by this 6-11 lane highway.  The surrounding settlements of Giv’at Hamatos and Gilo coupled with green zoning of the remaining open land continue to threaten the confiscation of land.

This map shows places to eat in and around the Old City. You have not really tasted Jerusalem if you have not eaten at Abu Hasan’s Hummus place on Salah a-Din street or drunk coffee at Abu Musa’s in the Old City market. What is a better combination than good food and supporting Palestinian economy?

Boycotting the occupation is one of the most effective methods to resist policies of colonisation and displacement of Palestinians. The other side of the coin is investing in Jerusalem Palestinian economy in order to help it become vibrant and sustainable. This map shows you where you can invest in the Palestinian economy in Jerusalem and contribute to the Palestinian steadfastness in Jerusalem.

A report and advocacy guide on international corporations directly benefiting from the occupation.

Presentation of participatory mapping in Jerusalem.

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