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Through the Old City Tales project, the participants worked to capture the complex political and cultural realities of the Old City by conducting interviews and taking a journey into the different neighbourhoods within the Old City walls. Similar to many other neighbourhoods in Jerusalem, the Old City has lived under occupation policies from 1948 to the present. These policies aim to erase and dismiss the unique Palestinian identity of the Old City and to divide its residents.

Old City Tales provides a unique view of the hidden stories and culture of the Old City and takes visitors through the same paths as the young girls who uncovered these buried tales. Old City Tales is a participatory multimedia project that taught young Palestinian girls how to creatively articulate local culture, history, identity and space.

Grassroots Jerusalem partnered with the Youth for Jerusalem Association(YFJA) and the Art Lab to train 19 young girls from Jerusalem. During the training, the girls worked on improving their English language skills, developed creative storytelling and photography skills, and conducted several interviews in various neighbourhoods of the Old City of Jerusalem.

The participants contributed to the creation of various media such as photography, videography and narratives to capture their experience. A map, website and QR code tour with photographs and digital media – describing oppression of families and children in the Old City – has also been made available to the general public. These final products are available on http://oct.grassrootsalquds.net/ and will be showcased in an exhibition.


Old City Route Map