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The Kite Campaign

Tourists of Jerusalem usually visit only the religious places in the Old City and its surroundings, but Jerusalem has a lot more to offer. Jerusalem is home to many wonderful and inspiring initiatives that resist the occupation and promote the Jerusalemite society on various social, economic and political levels. Knowing these initiatives and meeting the people behind them means knowing the real Jerusalem.

The Kite Campaign unites the best of experiential tourism, advocacy, economic development and community work. It amplifies the voices of Palestinians in Jerusalem regarding the challenges of the occupation such as violations of human rights, intentional underdevelopment of Palestinian neighbourhoods, and policies of displacement designed to limit size of the Palestinian population. The Campaign highlights the initiatives growing from the grassroots of Jerusalem in order to overcome these challenges. Moreover, it supports community organisations and active grassroots groups around Jerusalem by networking between them and integrating them into the Campaign activities.


Kite Visitor Centres

The Kite Campaign consists of nine community-based visitors' centres around Jerusalem hosted by our partners. At each, you will find a unique educational experience rooted in the realities, challenges and joys of that community. You’ll also discover the ingenuitive ways that the organisations are confronting the occupation and improving the livelihoods of its residents. At each centre you may find tourist attractions, grassroots initiatives, nature, Palestinian culture, and local products. By connecting through our Kite Campaign, you can experience Jerusalem in a way that is sustainable and that truly supports the voices, aspirations and cries of the communities.

Below you will find a list of the Kite Visitor Centres. Click on the links to learn more about the communities and connect directly with one of the organisations. If you have interest in visiting a Kite Centre, please email Fayrouz Sharqawi.