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‘Art is a Powerful Form of Resistance’

I am al-Walajah” and “I am al-Thoury/Silwan” were participatory, creative projects designed to train youth to use photography to show the social, political and cultural challenges that affect and influence everyday lives. GJ provided youth with the tools and skills to amplify their stories and present their realities to a broader audience, beyond geographic, cultural, or concrete barriers. Through capacity development and providing the communities with the physical photography equipment, these projects created sustainable opportunities for these communities to have access to this kind of resistance.

“I am al-Walajah” and “I am al-Thoury/Silwan” succeeded in communicating the realities of life in Jerusalem for locals as well as citizens from around the world. In al-Walajah, Grassroots Jerusalem partnered with Ansar Centre and in Silwan with al-Thory Family Centre. Photographer Ahed Izhiman conducted the training.